I am convinced that our everyday lives are but a pale shadow of our real lives. That which we perceive with our five senses is but a small fraction of available life. Occasionally we tap into this greater whole and we are enriched by the experience. Volumes have been written in innumerable religions about the spiritual side of our existence. Philosophers have searched for thousands of years for the meaning of life. Some say the new theologians are the physicists. They postulate theories on alternate realities and search for the ultimate building blocks of the universe.

However, I believe this enhanced life is available to all of us. It is present in the cool of a spring morning and the gentle touch of a loved one. Musicians playing as one and a basketball team playing in the zone have touched it. Call it what you like for I will give it no name. It is joy and happiness and ours for the asking if we know how to ask .

The stories that follow are neither learned nor earth-shattering. They are merely a celebration of people and events that embody the essence of life.

These are simply

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