It is pure pleasure every time I see Ciera. Her warm coloring invites the eye. The varying shades and the interplay of light suggest that there is much more to her than can be seen at first glance. Her narrow waist and sensually flowing curves add to the delight. I hold her best very early in the morning. She tucks in nicely just under my chin. I like caressing her silky smooth neck as it transforms seamlessly into her exquisite head.

There is a sense of exhilaration and suspense as we maintain our soft embrace. I have learned over the years about her special spots. Some evoke a guttural sound that I can feel in the bones of my head. Some elicit a high sweet tone that borders on the unbearable and lingers on the tip of my tongue even as other sensations clamor for attention. And above all else, there is one special spot that sets all of her myriad and lovely parts vibrating at a frequency that finds a match within me. I frequent this spot rarely, adding to the suspense and the intensity.

As important as these spots are to the music it is the strokes that creates the symphony. It is the speed, pressure and length of the strokes that truly govern her response. I start slow using long languid strokes like warm honey on a summer’s eve. Heavy pressure at the start, just a whisper at the end. Then fast, short and hard until neither one of us can bear it anymore then back to the warm honey and some sense of reality. As it is so often the case in symphonies, a theme can be repeated with variations. So we explore a theme- spontaneously creating new variations, sometimes relaxing into the tried and true.
But even great symphonies do not go on forever and as one we launch into the final movement. Finesse is left behind as is sanity and even humanity. Only raw elementals remain until finally a crescendo crashes down around us. Then with a final single note of unbearable sweetness, silence envelops us and holds us in its warm embrace.

At length, I unwrap myself from her and place the cover over her, hiding her uncountable charms. I set the bow in its place and carefully close the case.

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