I loved watching them together. A bit of voyeurism maybe but I was not intruding and they had nothing to hide. Two beautiful women and longtime friends, out with their husbands for a well-deserved Valentines celebration.

The night had worn on and husbands, as they will do, had turned the conversation to politics and such. Cloistered at one end of the table they were sequestered unto themselves. This was not a new situation for them and appeared to welcome it.

I know not the conversation for it was not my business to know.

But it is hard to ignore love when you see it displayed so well. All attention was riveted one upon the other. Care and warmth flooded between them. Self was nonexistent and only the other occupied their attention. Love comes in many forms and I was happy to experience this if only as an outsider.

A little piece of this is now a part of the fabric of my life. It is important to choose the threads that weave us.

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