Science and magic are two words for the same thing. Many people will disagree but true science is the search for understanding the fabulous magic of life that surrounds us. As we get deeper into quantum reality it is clear that we perceive a very small fraction of the natural world. Understanding the magic only adds to it.
However, there are many magics we still do not fully understand.

Waiting for the line to clear ahead of me after we landed, I reached for Cat.

Catriona and I had been together for a long time. I love violin and in particular, Celtic fiddle music. Ours was an on again, off again relationship. I would put her down for long stretches of time and then pick her up again with renewed commitment. We were in one of those periods of commitment and care. It had been a good trip. I had found a lake close to the hotel and we settled in on a picnic table to practice and play.

A group of swans was making its way down the shore line. As they came in front of us, as a group they all turned and faced us as we played. They stayed a good 20 minutes as we worked though our exercises and a few tunes. When we finished they moved on. More than a little cool.

Despite this unexpected connection I was a bit dejected. As I said, we had been doing this for years. Truth be told, I could not really play. I was never comfortable holding her. My neck and left arm would hurt after a practice sessions. Plus, I did not really understand music.

However, as I pulled her from the overhead, my mind was not on any of this. I had been aware of a voice a couple of seats behind me for the last portion of the flight.

Was that an accent I heard? It was a rich and complex voice. Almost familiar. Nonchalantly, I casually glanced behind me. Not expecting much. Voices never match appearances. I was wrong-dead wrong.

A deep coppery braid cascaded down one side of her head, terminating and curling suggestively around a well formed breast. Golden cream colored skin and exotic eyes. Petit but with curves in all the right places, she engaged her seatmate, a middle aged woman, with all her attention.

I did my best not to stare, but it didn’t matter –she was oblivious to me.
As the plane emptied, I found reason to “adjust” my luggage as she passed by.

I quickly followed.
The view from the back was equally enticing. A slight sway to the hips mesmerized me.

As we left the ramp, I followed like a lost puppy-oblivious to my surroundings.

I followed as she headed to the exit for baggage claim. Abruptly she pulled up short in front of a door that said –NOT AN EXIT ALARM WILL SOUND.

She turned and placed her slim hand directly in the center of my chest as I nearly ran up on her. I can feel the warmth of it even now.

Looking me square in the eye she said “You and I are going in a completely wrong direction.”
We stood that way for a few seconds or a lifetime- I don’t know which.

I remember the gold flecks in her hazel eyes as they bored into me relentlessly.

I remember the amusement that danced across her face as I struggled to make sense of the situation.

And I remember the satisfaction that lit her whole self as recognition dawned.


I stood transfixed as she removed her hand from my chest and moved past me.
By the time I turned to look for her-she was gone.

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